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We started GeniusPay® AB in 2015 with the business idea of ​​making everyday life easier for small and large companies that have a need to take payment from their customers in a modern, user-friendly and secure way. GeniusPay is a flexible and adaptable checkout system to be optimal for your particular business.

We believe that the POS system of the future should be:

· Modern, simple, efficient and flexible to suit your business.

· Have smart functions that contribute to increased profitability and better control.

· Be mobile, digital and flexible.

· Cloud-based and always available 24/7 in real time.

· Web portal for administration, reports, transaction lists, statistics, etc.

Our vision is characterized by innovation and creativity, all to simplify and save your time with smart tools. It is important to us that you, who run a company in commerce, feel safe and satisfied with your payment system. That’s why we work hard together with our partners to be able to offer modern, smart, efficient and unique checkout solutions as well as payment solutions for most industries

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