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GeniusPay is a unique cash register system that is app-based and built for Android, which makes taking payments smooth and hassle-free.
This means that you are not locked into a particular terminal.
The GeniusPay checkout system is user-friendly and quick to get started with. The system is flexible and adaptable to meet your specific needs for your business. The system can be used on several different types of devices such as smartphone, tablet, card terminal, cash register computer/touch screen for the highest possible operational reliability.
• Fast, easy payments.
• Assortment of product groups, articles and article variants.
• Product groups and items such as color or picture buttons.
• Smart and simple discount functions.
• Enter article number for barcode scanning.
• Create items with different VAT rates quickly and easily.
• Option to email receipt to customer.
• Optional to print a receipt according to the customer's wishes.
• Send orders to an external order writer (e.g. to the kitchen)
• Integrated payment terminal from Nets.
• Table handling/Parking bill.
• Connect handheld/standing scanner
• Payment methods: card, cash, swish, invoice and gift card.
• Own smart customer club via Karming (Optional)

GeniusPay Web Portal

The portal gives you administrative options to:

• Create points of sale for one or more businesses.
• Create users with authorization for your staff.
• Create your own product groups/articles or import via file.
• View and create transaction lists in real time.
• View and create sales reports.
• View and create saved X/Z reports.
• Access to sales statistics.
• Export (SIE4 file) end of day to business system
• Full integration to Fortnox (Optional)

You have access to your web portal 24/7 to follow up your business in real time!

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